Castlehold Baptist Church

How should we produce good fruit?

Should we produce the good fruit or the bad fruit? John 15:1-7

Have you ever seen the first Matrix film? (I hope so because there may be some spoilers ahead.) If yes, then you probably remember the one of the most famous scenes where the character Morpheus offers the main character Neo a red or blue pill. Before this however, Morpheus speaks about how everyone was born into the matrix is a slave, although they don’t know it. Each pill represents a decision that would either reveal the truth of the matrix to Neo or he would return and stay the world that he was born into.

Before we learn about and accept Christ into our lives we are like the inhabitants of the Matrix; we live in this world as slaves to our sin and do not know it. Though we feel that we are free to travel, eat what we want, even say, and believe what we want, if we don’t have Jesus in our lives then we are still doomed to perish at the end.

However, if we abide in or hold to the word of Jesus then we will “know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (V.32 ESV)” For us to Abide in His word it means we must continue believing what He has said and act accordingly. To know the truth exposes in our minds the hurt that our sins cause and therefore we are filled with an urge change the way we conduct ourselves; to live in a way that most honours God.

Through Christ Jesus and the resurrection, we have been given life that we are free to live and spread the joy of His word. We are free from the guilt that our sin has caused as well as the enslaving power that sin can hold over us. The truth of His message allows us to serve and join Him in the new creation.

So, let us accept His truth every day and live free of the controlling power of sin.

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