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A number of our church members have trained to become School and Prayer Pastors. Street and School Pastors is part of the nationally registered Christian charity the Ascension Trust based in London. The Isle of Wight Street Pastors Charity is one of 350 and growing ministries in the United Kingdom. School Pastors is an extension of the work of the charity and is one of the first 20 initiatives to be set up.

School Pastors was launched on the Isle of Wight in February 2012 .Working on similar principles to Street Pastors, School Pastors patrol and in around a school site to provide safety and reassurance to students, parents and the local community. Like Street Pastors, School Pastors work in close partnership with the police, school and other relevant agencies to help reduce anti-social behaviour, bullying and petty crime; provide positive role modelling; and support students who may be experiencing difficulties at home or at school. Whilst the School Pastors are out on patrol the Prayer Pastors remain at a base in school ready to respond in prayer to the situations the school pastor’s encounter.

The charity currently has 15 School Pastors providing support to the Medina College community from many different Island church denominations. The vision will be to extend into other schools on the Island over the coming years.

School Pastors Program

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Rebecca Kelly, Isle of Wight School Pastor Coordinator.


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