Castlehold Baptist Church

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Adrian Redfearn


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I became a Christian at the age of 11 and have been a Baptist Minister for 28 years.

Four, including Castlehold; although at one of the churches I was the Associate, not Senior, Minister.

I have been married to my wife, Rachel, for 30 years. We have a grown-up son.

I am a member of a local boxing club. I also pursue other less energetic activities and interests such as chess, reading widely and watching films.

Conservative. I see no conflict between the love of God and the need to obey His commands. While there is a distinction between the Old and New Covenant, which means some (not all) Old Testament laws do not apply today, there is no such distinction between the New Covenant and the present day. Jesus said: ‘If you love me, you will obey my commands.’

You become a Christian when you recognise that there is sin (or wrongdoing) in your heart and you ask Jesus to come into your heart to change you from the inside out. This is what I did at the age of 11.

Character. A church leader must always act with integrity, prepared for challenge and some difficult situations. He or she must be resilient – but not resistant to accountability. Ultimately, a church leader must love the people of the congregation with all their imperfections, recognising that this is the same challenge which the congregation has with loving their leader.

I’m realistically positive. We must not avoid the problems and social injustices of life but face them with the hope which only comes from Jesus and His Kingdom. We are on the winning side!

The Leadership Team

The church is served by a number of elected Deacons who, together with Adrian, form Castlehold’s Leadership Team.

Current Deacons
Gail Duke (Safeguarding)
Gordon Ainger (Church Secretary)
Katie Charlton
Roger Herbert 
Stephen Chinedum (Treasurer)
Stephen Selby