Castlehold Baptist Church

Jesus came for us although we don’t deserve it

Jesus was prepared to die - for us. Romans 5:6-11

In 2006 in a mine in Beaconsfield, Tasmania, there was a rock fall that trapped two miners and killed a third. The two surviving miners in this incident found themselves in a small space surrounded with lots of unstable rocks. Although it was initially assumed that they had been killed in the accident, they were eventually discovered 5 days later and rescued 2 weeks after the initial incident.

Without Christ we would have also been trapped, not like the miners who were trapped physically by rock, but trapped by the consequences of our own sin. We were weak, powerless and had no way to free, redeem or save ourselves. But still God sent His son to earth to die so that we may have life. 

Jesus did not come for those who were blameless, as people who are innocent do not need forgiveness. But Jesus came for us who are sinners. People who didn’t deserve it, people who had done wrong in their life and had hurt people. Out of the love God had for us, His creation, He gave us Jesus to accept, so that we may be freed from the consequences of our previous actions. 

It is then through the blood, spilt in the death of Christ Jesus, that we have our salvation sealed and promised to us, should we choose to accept and believe in Him. We are therefore saved from the wrath of God which falls upon those who do not accept this gift. “Since therefore, we have now been justified by His blood, much more have we been saved by Him from the wrath of God. (V.9)”

Now that we are saved and have a certainty of one day joining the Father, we can celebrate and rejoice in what we have received through the sacrifice of Christ upon the Cross. Even more so, we are no longer kept from having a relationship with the Father, as the void that separated us has also been closed by Jesus. 

Let us take joy in the grace and mercy that God has shown to us and help others to find that same comfort and peace.

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