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How do we love our friends?

We all need to learn to love our friends. Proverbs 17:17

Today’s reading addresses the nature of friendships and how we can continue loving one another through the good and bad times.

“A friend Loves at all times… (V.17a)” 

ALL TIMES is something that can be quite difficult for us to adhere too. There are times when we may see a friend living a destructive lifestyle or partaking in ways that hurts them and even others around them; at times they may even hurt us. They may even have to go through the consequences of their own actions and go through some sort of punishment or treatment. But we as a good friend must still love them

ALL TIMES is even the times where we may see our friends as a burden. Times that they are in need and asking for help. Times when they are sick or unwell due to no fault of their own. Times that it might even cost us to help them, to sacrifice a bit of our own wealth and comfort, to help our friend in need.

When people are healthy and times are good, it is easy to love others as it comes at no cost to us. However, there will be times that our friends are in need and it will become difficult to do so as things may become hard and costly (through time, finances, or resources). When this happens, we should remember 2 things:

1.            We ourselves will experience our own bad times. In these times we will need to have our own friends, who will come to our side at a cost of their own, to pray for, look after, and comfort us. Just as we should be willing to do for them.

2.            Jesus is a loving friend for us. Through Jesus we have been saved from the consequences of our own sin and instead have been given access to an eternity with God. Jesus perfectly modelled the role of a loving friend who has stuck by us, in the good times and bad times. 

Therefore, we must seek to show that same love to others who may have forgotten or still don’t know the love that our father has for us, so that they may also seek forgiveness for their sins and have a relationship with God. 

How do you model love and friendship to your friends?

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