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How did Jesus defy the norm around those who were disabled and lonely?

Jesus cares for those disregarded by others... Mark 10:46-52

Can you imagine what it would be like for you if you were blind and had no one to help you? Nobody helped you to move around, nobody gave you work to do or even give you opportunities to do anything. In fact, imagine if the only thing you could do was sit by the side of the road and beg for people to give you something to eat or drink.

We can start exploring today’s reading by looking at Bartimaeus. As a blind man he did not have much status within society and would have been regularly looked over. The Jews of the time (and most likely himself), believed that if you had a condition or disability, that it was a divine judgement from the Lord above; that you had done something wrong and God was punishing you for it.

So Bartimaeus calls out to Jesus as He walks past, begging for mercy. Bartimaeus knew that as a blind, sinful, helpless person, he needed the mercy of a saviour to help him. Even when the people following Jesus heard him, they tried to silence him because they believed Jesus had much more important things to do than help a blind man, but Bartimaeus was sure of what he needed. “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! (V.47)”

Jesus did not come to sit on a throne high above His people, He came to serve and save those who would come to Him. Jesus at the start of the chapter showed that he had time for children, that he had time for tax collectors and now the blind and the disabled. So, Jesus calls up Bartimaeus and says that through his faith in Him, his sight has been restored.

Bartimaeus then became a follower of Jesus and started to glorify and praise the Lord as it describes in Luke 18:43

Are we willing to call out for Jesus when we need help and everyone else is trying to silence us like Bartimaeus? God has given us all meaning and value, even though at times the world tells us we don’t. He always listens to us, has already come to our rescue us from our sins and he can open our spiritual eyes so we may see Him better. We also have the opportunity to be like Jesus and show mercy to those in need.

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