Castlehold Baptist Church

Creation stewardship

The Isle of Wight motto is a reminder that God created the natural world in all its beauty – the wonderful scenery we are blessed with, the plant and animal life on land and in the sea, the rhythm of the changing seasons, the promise of harvest to sustain us. So much to be thankful for…

But the Bible reminds us that God gave the stewardship of the natural world us, to care for it in such a way that people everywhere could thrive.

 Now, as a direct result of human activity, the world is heating up. Climate change, the result of ignorance and greed, is affecting people everywhere. But the worst effects are often felt most severely in the poorest, least developed countries.

It’s time for Christians to act! TEARFUND and the BAPTIST UNION ENVIRONMENT NETWORK (BUEN) are leading the way, with information and resources, encouraging churches to get involved.

We can all help to bring about the changes so urgently needed – see below for inspiration, information, and videos. We are God’s people – and ‘…with God all things are possible.’ [Matthew 19:26] 

Christians and climate action...

Tearfund’s latest initiative is Restorative Revolution. It aims to inspire God’s people to become a global movement for change. You can find a short video, together with other resources, on Tearfund’s website page here.

You might like to watch Tearfund’s Christian Conversations on Climate Change. These include a discussion with the Scotland Director for CAP. You can find these videos here.

Tearfund’s Rubbish campaign is ongoing, focused on pollution and flooding caused by huge rubbish dumps and plastic waste, and the effects these have on people’s lives.
For Tearfund’s tips on how to reduce our own rubbish click here.


Baptist Union Environment Network (BUEN) was set up to inspire and enable churches to come together to respond in practical ways to the challenge of climate change, and to work for climate justice for those worst affected.

They have just released four 30-minute videos under the heading God saw that it was good.  These videos, parts of which were filmed locally on the south coast, celebrate creation and are available to watch here.

Visit the BUEN website here or the BUEN FaceBook page here.