Castlehold Baptist Church

Creation care

As Christians, we are called to be responsible stewards of God’s creation and gift to us – the planet we all live on. Right now global heating is causing climate change and damaging lives everywhere, especially in some of the poorest countries in the world. That concerns us all.

The actions of each individual have consequences. We should be mindful that the choices we make – what we buy, how we travel, what we throw away – do have an impact on the environment, not just here but right across the world. 

Everyone can make a positive difference, even if only small. Together we can show God’s love for His world in action and help to bring about change.

Small steps to try...

  • Decide to re-use more and buy less.
  • Recycle whenever possible.
  • Reduce the volume of household rubbish.
  • Avoid wasting food.
  • Walk, cycle or go by public transport if possible.
  • Consider options for cutting down on energy use.

More to explore...

Christians and climate change - Tearfund videos

Why not take a closer look at the climate crisis and how we as Christians are called to respond?
Tearfund has produced a series of short videos featuring Katharine Hayhoe, an internationally respected Christian climate scientist, responding to questions from key church leaders.
To access the videos, click here.
(Though the videos are intended for use with a small group, they are a great starting point for individuals too.)