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An update from Samuel Hughes in Ukraine

God's grace in extraordinary times - and preaching in Russian...

Samuel writes:

Greetings Church, 

What a wild and strange world we are all living in at the moment. I am sure many of us have experienced frustration, concern and stress over the worldwide COVID pandemic.  

Probably for all of us this year has not turned out in the slightest how we had expected. And yet, at the same time, we have encountered and been comforted by the relentless faithfulness of a great God who holds our lives, our dreams and our hopes in his hands. 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel many projects this year in Ukraine due to coronavirus. Yet, in the midst of the madness, we’ve still manged to develop our club ministries, complete several outreach projects, a couple of hikes and some events for volunteers. 

Personally, a lot has changed for me this year. I moved to a new apartment and started attending a new church. My new apartment has been a real blessing for me. I’m already hosting a small group and a youth group every week; I even started befriending and witnessing to my new neighbours. My new church has been a real encouragement to me too. I’m helping them develop a children and youth programme, and a team to lead it. Last month I even preached my first full sermon, completely in Russian, without a translator! 

Please continue to pray for me, for my apartment building, for my church, for my small groups and for our team’s future ministry plans. Please also pray for the impact of coronavirus here in Ukraine. Despite a reasonable government response, most Ukrainians don’t take it very seriously, with many of them even denying its existence. 

All in all, it’s been an unusual summer. That said, I have been continually encouraged and strengthened by the little everyday miracles and moments of grace that have been in abundance. I’m also very grateful for all the people who pray for me and support me as the Lord leads them. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this quick update. I hope to send out more regular updates in this way.  

If you’d like to hear more, please contact me or Adrian who will be only too happy to forward you my latest newsletter. 

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