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Weekly thought (1) from Adrian

The 'i's have it!

A believer in Jesus needs to look after their ‘i’s. We each have two ‘i’s and if we don’t keep a close eye on them, we become blind to two of the most important ‘i’s in our Christian life.

These are ‘identity’ and ‘inheritance’.

When we become Christians, our identity is in Jesus and the family of God. We are secure in the love of this family and whilst every family needs discipline and hard work to look after itself and serve others, it is crucial we don’t use discipline and hard work to try and secure the love of our Heavenly Father. The Prodigal Son learned this wonderful truth that a father’s love is not based on merit.

But we also have an ‘inheritance’ and this is where it gets a bit tricky. The Prodigal Son grabbed his inheritance ahead of time and squandered it.

An inheritance by definition usually includes a future as well as present aspect. We are members of a family as soon as we are born – yet we may not enjoy our inheritance until much later. But in the meantime, we live knowing we have a future inheritance. This is very reassuring – yet we also suspect that our inheritance will include new responsibilities!

Is it time to give our ‘i’s a little more attention than we have been? Do we live as short-sighted Christians for not doing so?

Am I secure in my identity as a believer and understanding of my inheritance?

More on this next week.

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