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April 2021

In line with the cautious easing of restrictions, the church building has re-opened for certain services; these will also be available online. For those attending in person, it will be essential to pre-book your place and follow the strict COVID-19 guidelines. Please click the button below for more information. There are also some special outdoor events planned - see further down the page for a link.

Sunday 11 April

A service from Castlehold...

This week’s service takes place at Castlehold and everyone with a pre-booked place is welcome. 

The service will also be streamed live for those at home.

The link will be available shortly before 10:30. Just click the button above to watch.

Want to learn more about Castlehold?

Our church and our website...

This video, by our Minister, Adrian, is an updated introduction to Castlehold under current pandemic restrictions. At present the church is online only, but still keen to welcome you. (See our Services page for more information.)

Why not watch the video below and explore the website a little further?

Curious about Christianity?

You might find the video series Dare to Enquire helpful.
It’s a set of short videos, recorded by Adrian, that explore and clarify some issues and misconceptions around the Christian faith.
Click below to watch the latest in the series: From time to time. Still on the theme of time, this is a follow-up to the previous video, If you could turn back the clock, would you? which is still available on our Dare to Enquire page. 


Find out about some special outdoor events in April...


To see our new page on this debt-counselling Christian charity....


For short video reflections from Adrian and others...

Easter Sunday - 04 April

A service from Castlehold...

The Easter Day service held at Castlehold remains available to watch. Just click the button above.

The church notices are on slides before and after the service.

Image: Christ's appearance to Mary Magdalene after the resurrection - by Alexander Ivanov

Memories of Rev Richard Steel

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